29 April 2009

Last night's CTV Moonbat Moment

Anybody else see the graphic on CTV last night as they breathlessly reported on the... count 'em... 13 cases of "swine flu" that apparently have the capability to bring this country to a screeching halt.

For those of you that missed it... all of North America was painted blood red. The CTV website has a similar scary picture...
And you can always count on CBC to do their part...
But do we have any actual information that doesn't simply involve scary pictures? Well... a little further down the article...

"In actual fact, it may have a death rate that's similar to seasonal influenza."
Two words... no... shame.



JA Goneaux said...

You know, if Toronto had had a real mayor back during SARS, and not a circus midget, it would have gone like this:

"You know, Mr. CNN Talking Head, flu kills 36,000 Americans a year. XXX of them were in Atlanta. Do YOU feel safe?".

Anybody remember the Italian earthquake. Killed a few hundred people...anybody? Just a few weeks ago. Bueller? Anyone?

Neo Conservative said...

every year, there are 1200 fatalities on canadian farms... but somehow lloyd & company never seem to get to that story.

farms just aren't sexy enough, i guess.


alexb said...

Health Canada estimates 700 - 2500 flu deaths annually .
In the US estimates range from 7000-36000.
Since the US has 10 times Canada's population those figures look comparable.

So why the big panic by the MSM,outside of fear mongering.
As for the travel warning to Mexico,hell i banned myself from travel there since the early 70's after they banned our group from entering the country unless we cut our long hair.
Throw in the current drug wars and it's a cut and dry case. (no pun intended)

No intention to belittle the current out break but can't the media keep it in perspective.

Neo Conservative said...

there was a thing on jon stewart the other night... where he claimed that "swine flu" was actually near the bottom of the "100 things that will kill you in mexico" list.

number one was... "bullet flu".


Martin said...

30,000 deaths from guns in the US last year Neo baby.

Neo Conservative said...

today... he's martin... who do you think he will be tomorrow?

hey, cc... er, martin... 30,000 people murdered? that's awful... who are all these killers?

and i'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess... probably "not the nra".