18 October 2008

“A man with a seventh-grade education..."

"...won the French Legion of Honor for scholarship,” Mr. Stere said. “I don't know of anybody who started with so little and did so much."


Sitemeter tells me I'm getting some traffic (well, 5 hits out of my last 100) from nasty, little Canadian Cynic.

The Cynic has been keeping a pretty low profile since his most recent appalling burst of anti-semitism. It seems though... with the death of a prominent member of Canada's Jewish community... he just couldn't contain himself any longer.

I guess it's true... you really can't change who you are.

I have to wonder though, how "sjwalter", the Cynic's twin blogger from Waterloo... feels about being associated with his vile spew...
And don't forget... he's a versatile hater.

Of course, there's a special place in his heart for the ladies...
What a guy!



Blair said...

The great thing about blogger.com is that you can flag hate blogs - found at the top left...

Readers could flag http://canadiancynic.blogspot.com/
for the use of C**t and other hate messages.

That blog is a good example why you should never drink and blog.

Neo Conservative said...

"blair says... why you should never drink and blog."

oh, never fear... it gets even better.


Anonymous said...

Five hits? Amazing. I thought they all got the memo on how to avoid being tracked by the far right gun fetishists like yourself.

Or maybe they allow you to see them whenever you roll out the welcome mat, since you make such pathetic cries for attention.


Neo Conservative said...

"my own personal troll says... Five hits? Amazing."

i know, i know... after cc did his little "stephen harper jew-boy" thing... his audience, apart from hard-core haters like yourself, must have just melted away in disgust.

but, however few there are left... i feel an obligation to show them the real cynic.

but hey... funny you should be talking about "pathetic cries for attention"... i was sure that would be a little bit too close to home. i love it when you dumbsticks do all the work for me.