17 April 2009

As Canadian as...

...Chelo kebabs...

-- Toronto -- A Toronto man is facing numerous charges after allegedly trying to send nuclear technology to Iran, a country under intense international pressure to curtail its nuclear ambitions, police said Friday.

Mahmoud Yadegari, who police said is a Toronto businessman in his mid-30s, is charged under the Customs Act and Export Import Permits Act, and is also accused of violating UN sanctions on Iran.

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Toronto Police have made a quick arrest after a a man was found slain in the basement of a Leslieville home.

Jason Coleman, 21, of Toronto, surrendered around 8 a.m., was is facing second-degree murder charges.

LAST WORD: What the fuckin' fuck!?!
“No one is allowed to have a gun on their premises for protection in the city. We have laws that govern the ownership and handling of guns. Anyone in possession of a gun has to have it safely stored in a designated place,” said Insp. Eric Grummisch.


Anonymous said...

"Anyone in possession of a gun has to have it safely stored in a designated place,” said Insp. Eric Grummisch."
How about safely stored in my holster, hanging from my designated hip?
It's my property and I'm enjoying it in my leisure time in my home.
Now, if someone decides at this time to break onto my home and threaten me with violence or worse, well.....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Insp. Eric Grummisch has his gun "safely stored in a designated place" when he's home. Sarc off.

P.C. John Rebus said...

Are you suggesting that your readers ignore gun control law in the province of Ontario? I certainly hope not.

Rural and Right said...

I have debated on a forum for about a year on the topic of criminal control ... I mean liberal gun control, with a local liberal friend of mine who finally admitted to me what his vision of gun control would be for the future of Canada.

R&R:"Let's 'cut to the chase' What is your vision for the future of firearms ownership in Canada?"

L:"Good question. Ban hand guns. They're not needed outside of the police and military. I understand their appeal - I was in the military and did very well on the ranges (better than my battalion's average ) - for those who enjoy that kind of thing, go to a paint ball joint.

For hunters, they keep their weapons locked in an aresenal at their local police station. When they want to go hunting, they sign their firearms out from the cop shop for a determined period of time. If they go beyond that period of time without a lawful excuse, a warrant is issued and appropriate measures are taken including a confiscation of their weapons and/or ban on further possession of firearms for an appropriate length of time, depending on the number of times this offence has taken place."

This reply to my question from a card carrying Liberal makes the 2 billion dollar long-gun registry look like only the beginning of a very very expensive liberal hidden agenda for firearm confiscation in Canada.

I clearly understand why an estimated 50% of firearms in Canada are unregistered.

Neo Conservative said...

dear anonymous troll masquerading as a fictional literary character... are you suggesting that my readers simply let dalton mcslippery's fuzzy-bunny, socialist nanny-state take care of every single aspect of their lives... including defending their loved ones from criminal sociopaths? I certainly hope not.

for the complete answer to your question... try breaking into houses in my rural neighbourhood.

i dare you.


Rural and Right said...

I double dare 'nonny trool' to try to break into a residence in our rural area or try to steal an ATV.

Section 494 of the criminal code of Canada covers 'citizens arrest'.

Another random thought ... I am a great shot with a cross bow.

Neo's a knob said...

Neo, your credibility as a renegade gun-toting cowboy is a little slim. Afterall, you're little more than a work of fiction yourself.

I don't think anyone's too interested in robbing you of your collection of porn and swish barrels anyhow.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... the indisputable wisdom of anonymous trolls.

poor cc, aka liberal supporter... after issuing his big challenge... is too embarrassed to post again under his own moniker... so he has to make up yet another phony id.

you've just gotta love libby's daily bombing of the comment threads... elucidating, in great detail, just how unimportant i am in his life.

this one is simply too informative of libby's unfortunate disability to delete.