22 April 2009

"Regrets, I've had a few..."

"Oh, c'mon guys... can't we just forget about Rwanda... and Somalia... and Darfur... and the Middle East... and start over?"



alexb said...

Speaking of Durban.
Looks like South Africa is about to vote in a despot President.
Just ask Desmond Tu Tu .

Neo Conservative said...

despot doesn't doesn't begin to cover zuma.

the guy is a criminal sociopath...

"The rape trial of Jacob Zuma has highlighted widespread problems with the way South Africa's justice system deals with rape allegations, reports Justin Pearce in Johannesburg."*

Philanthropist said...

Refugees from surrounding countries used to flock to South Africa to escape leaders like him, perhaps if all the African countries are run by pseudo-leftist sociopaths it will inspire the African people to form better governments despite interference from the United Nations.