27 April 2009

It's actually the least he could do

Apparently Iggy's picking up the cheque for all burial expenses...

Ignatieff will be formally crowned leader Saturday at the Vancouver convention, which was originally supposed to be the culmination of a vigorous leadership race.

But first, Liberals must pay ritual respects to the man they couldn't get rid of fast enough.


Frank Dixon said...

In depth analysis yet again. How do you continue to think of such cute things to say while you link to the MSM? Have you taken writing classes? Working on a book?

Sammy said...

I'm thinkin' the Lib party could save a pile of money,by limiting the 'tribute' to a haiku!Three lines should about cover it.

Anonymous said...

Please save us from the embarrassment that will accompany a job on the world stage. A job at whatever backwater university he came from will suffice.

Neo Conservative said...

gee, frank... it's funny how all you guys feel helplessly compelled to repeatedly drop by here... to tell me how wrong... how utterly insignificant i am.

i mean... who could argue with the old "you're a big poopyhead" gambit.

hey, frank ... where can we actually find your in-depth analysis on things? give me an url and i'll post it here.