22 April 2009

Maybe he should have been...

...a little more specific...

A teen was shot and killed in a west-end Toronto laneway earlier this evening.

"Don't disrespect me," witnesses heard the 19-year-old shout before a series of shots were fired at about 6:30 p.m. Police said the two fleeing suspects should be considered armed and dangerous.

One was described as a black male, about six feet tall, 16 to 18 years old and skinny with hair in corn rows, while the second was described as a black male, about six feet tall, 18 to 20 years of age and of medium build with a short afro haircut.

There have been two homicides in the neighbourhood so far this year.

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Crime, unfortunately, is about real people and not just numbers.

For example the slain in Toronto in 2009 -- Michael Minott, Rajeswaren Saravanamuthu, Daniel Dasilva, Peter Bowen, Alexis Eracleous, Jahmelle Grant, Basil Bryan, Kevin Boateng, Marion Lyons, Kaser Kerry St. Louis, Evelyn Alfaro Mendez and Johnny Gewarges Youkhana -- are not statistics to their families.

Take for example Toronto Police's own website, which indicates in its own information gathering as of April 9 Toronto's shooting occurrences are up 31.3% in 2009 over this time last year, with 63 this year compared to 48 in 2008.

In actual victims, there have been 77 this year compared to 68 last year. And a lot has happened since April 9.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure he'll get lots of respect at his funeral.
I remember when The Beatles were considered to be a bad influence on youth because of their long hair. The Rolling Stones were even more heavily criticized by society as being bad roll models.
Look at what modern culture was brought us to in this day and age. We now have rappers encouraging teens to carry weapons and to use them indiscriminately if they feel 'dissed'.
We have lyrics such as "If you're man enough to carry a gun you should be man enough to use it.".
Good Lord, why is there no outcry about this?
Is it because it's largely seen as Black culture and nobody wants to interfere lest they be labelled a racist?

Neo Conservative said...

too true, neil... if i had a nickel for every time i've been called a racist by the lickspitlle minions of the lunatic left...

somehow... if you are a vocal critic of homicidal street thuggery... you, not the folks wielding the stolen guns, become the bad guy.

funny how that works.


langmann said...

You have that one right, neo.

The other day I had the misfortune of accidently watching a guy from the Fraser Institute defending their annual school ranking study for Ontario. They also had some moron woman in arguing against him, I'm not sure who she represented because they never told us.

Her main argument it seems was that while she supported examining schools she didn't like the Fraser Institute study because it A) looked at scores in language composition and mathematics and B) was from the wrong politics.

When the Fraser Institute guy made an astute observation that scores were statistically low in a certain Toronto neighbourhood I think she almost killed herself on TV. The "R" word almost popped out but then she called it political and started blabbering about how those scores don't represent abstract thinking etc.

As someone who has taught at the University level I felt like phoning up and telling her to open her mind to reality.

Language composition and mathematics are fundamental skills required for daily living. We're talking basic Grade 9 skills here, not calculus.

Moreover if you haven't got some of those skills then good luck trying to be successful in the abstract creative sense because you need to have basic foundation to build abstract thinking on top of.

I also wanted to explain to this crazy woman that there is a problem when I was receiving papers with severe grammar errors typical of a quick email reply in the nature of "u're, k, cul" etc.

The Fraser Institute raised an important point and she couldn't take a critical look at what is becoming a serious failure. What scares me even more is that their online poll sided with this silly woman.

JA Goneaux said...

Funny: my son (blue eyed and blonde) is very much a minority at his school in Mississauga (three cricket teams, no baseball).

During an award ceremony last year (he won two), there was a very long line of ethnic minority kids getting provincial AND professional awards (i.e., from accountants, etc.)

Being minority, and learning a new language certainly hasn't held THEM back.

Everything else is just an excuse.

BTW, every morning I have to elbow my way into the subway past idiots who would, no doubt, demand that I give them respect. For what, they never say...they certainly don't respect me, or the other riders.

Two way street, kids...

Neo Conservative said...

this thing just seems awfully straightforward to me.

it's like that pirate deal off the coast of somalia. you wanna live by the sword, don't be too surprised when somebody decides to "shiver yer timbers".

similarly... you're in a back alley in "crack central" screamin' about "bein' dissed"... it's only a matter of time before some thug puts two in the "a ring" and spits on your corpse.


Philanthropist said...

The shooters respected the dead guy by the act of shooting him - he was worthy of that little bit of effort it took them to run away from the cops, the dead guy should be proud and his accomplishment will be recognized within his community. As is usually the case his momma will adore the attention she'll get from friends, family and media.

Neo Conservative said...

firearms footnote:

seems toronto gun club members aren't actually the source of all these guns after all.

imagine that.