30 April 2009

What convention?

It's more like this guy descended from heaven on a beam of bright light...
Yeah... you can just smell the democracy.



JA Goneaux said...

Reminds me of the time a friend's marriage lasted, basically, four hours when he was caught with the bridesmaid in a compromising position.

Iggy was the bridesmaid at the "wedding of the century". Now he's the Bestest Groom Evah!

Liberals are strange...

Neo Conservative said...

given that iggy hadn't lived in canada for the last 30 years... maybe his book should be titled... 'true patriot love - in absentia'.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but instead of spinning gold from straw, they spin straw from gold.

Any club that has Jean Chretien as a featured member is a club I want to avoid.

Jen said...

Have you seen FIFE in CTV he speaks highly of his corrupt LPOC instead of he,FIFE, do his job by demanding the liberals to return our money which his beloved LPOC stole from us.
I guess the MSM like the cbc ctv etc endorses and protects the LPOC's corruption and thievery.

Neo Conservative said...

you've just gotta love the irony of the fiberals screaming about autocratic dictator stephen harper... all the while appointing iggy by royal fiat, instead of having a leadership convention.

we don' need no steenkin' vote... all hail the puffin king!