24 April 2009

"Live by the sword..."

"...don't be too surprised... somebody skewers your brisket..."

-- TORONTO -- A shooting investigation has turned into a homicide probe after a man shot while waiting at a bus stop in the city's west end died, police announced this afternoon.

Omar Waite, 29, was shot at a TTC bus stop on the southwest corner of Jane St. and Eglinton Ave. W. around 6:40 p.m. Wednesday.
Seems's Toronto's celebrated street thugs are pretty well versed in the concept of "bad karma"...
His shooting came almost exactly 24 hours after the shooting death of Daniel Lewis, 19, who was killed in a laneway near Keele St. and Rogers Rd.

Lewis was a member of the Five Point Generals, while Waite was a member of a rival gang, the Gators, a police officer told the Sun.
And stand by, folks... this is where CC and company usually jump in to celebrate the lost potential of young Daniel & Omar et al.

P.S. -- No word yet from Mayor Miller's office... on which gun club these two fine young men belonged to.


RELATED: Starting justice for Jane Creba...
-- TORONTO -- A 21-year-old Toronto man convicted of murder in the shooting death of teenager Jane Creba on Boxing Day more than three years ago will be sentenced as an adult, a judge ruled today.

Until now known only as JSR, a publication ban on the name has been lifted and he has now been identified as Jorrell Simpson-Rowe.

Mr. Simpson-Rowe was 17 at the time of the notorious gun battle that killed Ms. Creba and wounded six others.

LAST WORD: In other "just desserts" news...
A second arrest has been made in the afternoon drive-by shooting of a young man near his Rexdale home, police announced today.

Jose Hierro-Saez, 19, was a passenger in a car that was riddled with bullets from another vehicle as it travelled along John Garland Blvd., near Albion Rd. and Kipling Ave., in June 2007.

Anthony Grant, 21, and Devon Vivian, 20, thought to have fled to Jamaica, were identified as suspects.

Grant, suspected of driving the car used in the shooting, was picked up by the Royal Jamaican Constabulary Fugitive Squad nearly three months after the fact. He was charged with first-degree murder and brought back to Toronto.

Last Friday, Vivian was arrested in Kingston, Jamaica on a charge of first-degree murder and four counts of attempt murder while armed with a firearm, Toronto Police announced today.


ddt said...

Must be pretty low rent gangbagers if they have to take the bus.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps the gangsta lifestyle isn't quite as glamourous as "'fitty' cent" has led us to believe.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Jorrell Simpson-Rowe has been sentenced to life for the second degree murder of Ms. Creba. However, with the 2 for 1 rule, he will be eligible for parole in 4 years. And chances are he'll get it. I'm sure we will once again be reading about him in the papers when that time comes.

robins111 said...

What-da-Yah think Neo, are these morons some of the hundreds of children killed every year, that the Coalition of Gun Control claim?

We'll have to ban more guns.

Neo Conservative said...

in the usa, if you are involved in a felony offence where someone is killed, you get charged with murder... even if you didn't pull the trigger.

seven years?

this street thug got off extremely lightly.


Philanthropist said...

A quick execution for all these scum would be better than allowing them to shoot up the streets again in a couple of years. Just sayin'...