23 April 2009

His blessed will be done

Apparently, Allah hates the homeless...

At least 48 people, among them Iranian pilgrims, died when a suicide bomber blew up a restaurant in Baquba, in the north-east, officials say.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed at least 28 people - detonating a belt of explosives as police distributed aid to a crowd of homeless families.


Neo's a knob said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter says... i'll cut & paste some bible passages"...

ah, yes... the indisputable wisdom of anonymous trollsthus commences liberal supporter's daily bombing of the comment threads... elucidating, in great detail, how unimportant i am in his life.

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Philanthropist said...

Allah hates all Muslims fairly equally, but if there's one group of Muslims Allah really hates it's the guys that visit the Mosques. Allah blows up those places real good!