28 April 2009

Tell me, Dylan...

...how exactly is this about Canadian citizenship... and not Dalton McSlippery's flagrant mismanagement of the Ontario healthcare system...

"It's gone beyond frustration into absolute rage. I've been treated better by the people of Mexico than I have been by my own country," Pazzano told the Star from the intensive care unit of Hospiten Cancun in Mexico. "I am, in all honesty, disgusted to be called a Canadian citizen right now."
Of course... the Toronto Red Star is more than happy to publish any derogatory reference towards the federal Conservative government, even though this one actually falls squarely on the McGuinty Liberals...
The couple was initially told that hospitals here are full, says Pazzano, but that claim was negated by Ontario Health Minister David Caplan.

"There is ICU capacity," he told reporters, noting that the health system here should "be able to provide the care that Ontarians expect."
Well, David... perhaps this woman could have found an ICU bed in Toronto if it weren't for Dalton McGuinty's billion dollars in P2P hospital construction cost over-runs.

Funny how that works.


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Philanthropist said...

The Toronto Star completely used this woman to attack the federal government instead of doing a little investigating into the Ontario health system.

The Star will use anyone to further its agenda.

Neo Conservative said...

don't underestimate the power of the mainstream media... it managed to elect a previously unknown freshman senator to the office of the president of the united states.


Anonymous said...

The family asked for an ICU bed in Toronto. There wasn't one. When they widened their search, there was one.

This story is all hype, no confirmation.