27 April 2009

"He don' need..."

"...no steenkin' badges..."

The White House defended the administration's ability to respond to a crisis that is coming so early in its tenure and while it still lacks a health and human services secretary, a surgeon general and a CDC director.

UPDATE: Look... it's Mr Golden Sunshine...
For Team Obama, it’s always 9/10.


jwkozak91 said...

In yet another "brilliant" move by the Obama administration:

Have the stand-in for Air Force One fly low over lower Manhattan, with fighter-jet escort, and don't tell anyone in New York that they're just shooting a promotional video.

alexb said...

30,000 people died of the flu in the US last year.
Just throwing that out there.

Neo Conservative said...

studies indicate 10,000 people die as a direct result of hospital-borne infection in canada per year.

this isn't about actually saving lives... it's simply about polishing obama's pubic image.



Philanthropist said...

Lacking the calibre of 'leaders' that he's already chosen, like Napolitano, is probably a good thing. Those institutions can simply get to work rather than wait for 'political direction'.

As for Napolitano, she is trying to be 'politically correct' by attacking the Canadian as well as the Mexican border, she wants to be able to tell Latino voters that she's being impartial. It's a make-believe world for the PC crowd. Or she's an idiot.

Neo Conservative said...

i read somewhere that if obama's appointees keep being appointed at this glacial pace... it'll take a couple of years to actually fill all the positions.