14 April 2009

Hope, Change and...

...drop trou, bend over and grab your ankles...

The New York Times reports the Obama administration is considering tolerating Iran's nuclear activities at the same time it would hold talks with Tehran.

The newspaper says the U.S. and Europe would press Iran to gradually open its nuclear program to wider inspections, but would allow Tehran to continue enriching uranium for some period during the talks.
I guess "The One" is too busy personally supervising SEAL sniper teams... to deal with those pesky Iranians.

Heck... what's a few nuclear missiles between "respectful friends" anyway?



Guelph First said...

Europe and the US can talk with Iran as much as they want, it matters little.

The allies are watching everything the Iranians are doing, financing the political opposition in Iran, targeting every scientist, and every weapons facility. Within a day much of Iran could be in ruins, but the consequences could last for decades.

The main thing the US and the Europeans are doing is keeping a tight leash on the Israeli’s. Promising them everything under the sun to stop them from hitting Iran.

Israel will never allow a nuclear Iran. They will attack Iran at the first hint of a problem, that of course creates many, many new problems for the world.

Neo Conservative said...

"guelph first says... keeping a tight leash on the Israelis" -- good luck with that if iran comes up with weapons grade plutonium.

"what's flat, black and glows in the dark?" -- i'll give you a hint... it's not tel aviv.


Guelph First said...


Problem with Israel dropping a nuke on Iran? You’ll have damn near a billion pissed off Arabs, from every country, every sect, every demographic, that will do stop everything they are doing and march on Israel. Israel will be whipped off the map, but it’ll toss around a few dozen nukes before it goes. Messy, very messy….

FredM said...

Its not about policy anymore with libs, it just go against anything conservative.

Neo Conservative said...

if israel goes nuclear... very messy isn't gonna come close to covering it.

the fact is though... it is inconceivable that a jewish state could possibly live in iran's nuclear shadow.

it doesn't matter what obama and the rest of the world want... the holocaust is too fresh in the collective israeli mind.

think masada.

iran keeps on going down this path... it's gonna happen.


Philanthropist said...

Obama was trying to restrict the US Navy's reaction to the hostage taking apparently, but the Navy got the White House to modify the orders to include the words "imminent danger" - and only then could they take action. Sounds plausible.

But the White House won't be fooled again. Pity the next American hostages.

Six months from now an Admiral might get a spanking as payback, it would be interesting to find out but it's unlikely we would hear about it.