23 April 2009

And yet another shooting...

A young man was rushed to hospital Wednesday, after being shot several times.

Ambulance officials told 680News that the victim is about 20-years-old, and was shot in the head and leg.

The incident happened just before 7 p.m. in the area of Jane St. and Eglinton Ave.

UPDATE: Tuesday's shooting victim identified...
A residential laneway splashed with gang insignia was the scene for Toronto's latest homicide.

Blue spray paint stained the walls that line the scene near Keele St. and Rogers Rd., showing passersby that Crips, or perhaps wannabe Crip gang members, were there long before 19-year-old Daniel Lewis was gunned down Tuesday evening.
The identity of the person shot Wednesday has not yet been released.


The latest victim, Omar Waite, 29, of Toronto, was gunned down at a bus stop at Jane St. and Eglinton Ave. W, around 6:40 p.m. yesterday.

UPDATE3: Edmonton gets on the board



Oh, CC... did Lloyd Robertson tell you that criminals are on the run?
Take for example Toronto Police's own website, which indicates in its own information gathering as of April 9 Toronto's shooting occurrences are up 31.3% in 2009 over this time last year, with 63 this year compared to 48 in 2008.


Philanthropist said...

This is likely another shooting related to drugs and crime, it is too bad he wasn't killed.

Neo Conservative said...

you want to blame the person who got shot?

there were no details available at the time... but i think we're further ahead blaming the shooter... not the victim... or the gun.