11 December 2008

The Right Call

-- VANCOUVER/TORONTO -- Four Mounties who used a taser to subdue Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski moments before he died of undisclosed injuries at Vancouver International Airport last year will not face criminal charges for their conduct, B.C.'s criminal justice branch will announce Friday.

CTV News is reporting that the Crown concluded there is insufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution in the case, which raised a furious debate over the police use of tasers that still continues.

The Crown's decision caps a far-flung investigation by members of B.C.'s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team that took officers as far away as Poland.

UPDATE: Funny how that works...
Autopsy results outlined for the first time Friday suggest various factors could have led to the heart attack that killed the 40-year-old Polish immigrant, including heart disease associated with chronic alcohol abuse, an agitated state of delirium and an inability to breathe while being restrained.

VIA SDA: On a similar note...
It's time to stop treating the police as criminals.

Treat criminals as criminals. That means the police have to be given the benefit of the doubt when confrontations turn violent or fatal unless there's strong reason to think otherwise.

Criminals like Matthew Dumas aren't innocent people walking down the street minding their own business. Their business is preying on innocent people. We want people like this to be scared of police. We want them to sweat when they see police officers.


Anonymous said...

Hardly the right call IMO. The four poorly trained nosepickers who killed this guy had options.

Being such a deeply politicized and corrupted militia, the RCMP doesn't surprise here at any rate.


Neo Conservative said...

"hardboiled snarls... poorly trained nosepickers"

hey, hero... dziekanski was scary enough the airport security people didn't want to try deal with him.

here's a thought... the next time you come across some psych patient going apeshit in a public place... try handling it yourself.

or better yet... call up the local ndp member of parliament and let them try "talk him down".


Gadget said...

Options? Sure. 1. Engage a mentally unstable and unknown subject physically, not knowing if close quarters combat would result in the subject producing an unknown, short range weapon to attack them with. 2. Engage with pepperspray, which would contaminate the area and the officers themselves. 3. Use batons to strike the subject, possibly resulting in blunt force trauma wounds such as broken bones. 4. Use a Tazer to subdue the subject from a distance. If you knew anything about incident management, you'd know that #4 is the safest choice.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... let's get all crazy again about tasers...

"So apparently there have been 16 taser related deaths in Canada over the last four years. That works out to 4 instances per year."

"Four deaths? There are probably more people killed every year in Canada... by lunchboxes falling out of the sky from highrise construction sites."


onag said...

option 5: provide an area in airports and elsewhere for people to smoke so they don't go apeshit in the first place. yeah, i know, quit making sense.

Neo Conservative said...

onag... millions of people smoke... how many go completely apeshit in a public venue?

dziekanski... whatever his addiction or mental-health issues... called the play.

the cops show up, you can talk... or you can resist.

choose wisely.