05 September 2008

Who could possibly argue that?

If you put those nasty, racist cops in your kid's school... it'll just make things way more dangerous...

While Toronto's two school boards have yet to name the schools where armed officers will be assigned, two public trustees can already tell you where they won't be – in their wards.

Trustees Chris Bolton (Trinity-Spadina) and Sheila Cary-Meagher (Beaches-East York) have already nixed the idea.
It's gotta be something in the water.


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Since Jan. 13, 2006, the panel says it found 177 violent incidents in schools across the district — they include gun incidents, robberies and sexual assaults.

The panel found there were guns in "select schools" across the city “in non-trivial numbers.”
Oh-oh... Dr Dawg is gonna have another stroke.


"We need trivial numbers of guns in all schools!"


The Trusty Tory said...

How DARE the police try and protect the community and our children from guns and gangs in our schools! Those bastards...

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still waiting for dr dawg to deliver a dissenting opinion.


langmann said...

Must be those upper class schools with gun and rod clubs acting up again.

Dan Miller should probably ban guns on campus.

Anonymous said...

We need trivial numbers of guns in all schools!

mahmood said...

The Cesspool boy has put his Dawg back on the leash...and tied it to his leg.

langmann said...

Last time I checked, knives killed more people than guns. Maybe Miller should ban knives?

And put red handles on butter knives so no-one gets tazered.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Last time I checked, knives killed more people than guns."

well, let's ask bruce gold...

"Guns are actually used in violent crime about 1.9% of the time."