21 April 2008

Funny how these guys are...

Always available, day or night... to scare up a howlin' lynch mob...

-- DESORONTO, Ont. -- About 75 Aboriginal protesters have sealed off a main street through Deseronto, Ont., due to a land dispute with a Kingston-based realtor.
I just loved how they kicked ass last time out.

Go Warriors.


UPDATE: Mob rule carries the day
A second press release issued this morning, came from Nibourg Developments at about 10 a.m. It states: “Nibourg Developments is not entering their land (in question) today, for fear of public safety. It is time for the federal and provincial government agencies to become involved and take responsibility for the land claim disputes."

"We want to state again that the federal government cannot accept the validity of the land claim and at the same time not deal with private landowners… today’s large protest and occupation of our land, proves that this explosive situation will only intensify without government action.”