14 September 2008

Hey, buddy.... you think we're so evil...

...I bet... without too much effort... we could pony up a pair of first-class plane tickets to Morocco... and solve all your problems...

The father of the child brought him to hospital on Sunday morning and was joined by Ms. Caines. Yet the couple once again refused to hand over the baby, leading to a two-hour standoff with police and doctors.

The standoff ended with the parents' arrest, but not before the man believed to be the father of the baby made cryptic remarks suggesting racist officials had overreacted.

“His eyes are bright,” the man said of the baby, in an interview with CITY-TV.

He added that hospital officials reacted as they did because they believed the couple was Jamaican.

But he said they were in fact “indigenous Moorish Americans” with "divine traits."
Globe and Mail reporter Colin Freeze apparently had no trouble choosing sides...
Around noon, the mother used her mobile phone to text her spiritual leader. “They have ETF here,” reads the message that still remains on Mr. Suk Tekh El's cellphone.

While negotiators with the "armour police squad" known as the Emergency Task Force were called in, the matter was resolved peacefully, albeit with the arrest of the parents.
Yup... good thing ol' Colin was able to point out the real bad guys here.

Good grief.


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The question was asked to Minister Louis Bey the founder of TNOMA.

What is TNOMA?
He responded by saying, "TNOMA is the acronyms for The Nation Of Moorish-American."

It was asked. Why is there a need for TNOMA in the United States Of America?
"The Moorish people set up the United States of America. For North America belongs to the king of Morocco."

If this is so, why there is no Muslim senator, nor congressperson, nor president in America.
"The first president was a Muslim by the name of Yahya Hasoan, who is known as John Hanson, but we will not discuss him."

"TNOMA is not about being Black."
Nor, apparently... being sane.


"The good news is, wacky cults like this tend to be self-defeating. The bad news is, sometimes they take innocent people, in this case children, with them."

LAST WORD: The Cheech and Chong...

...of Canadian newspapers enters the fray...
The local "spiritual leader" for the Moorish "Science Temple" of America, a small sect with members in Canada and the U.S., stood outside the station to offer support to the parents, and said the group preferred holistic medicines over conventional treatment.
You're actually gonna try defend this kooky, unconscionable cult?




Anonymous said...

Looks cultish...probably some sort of biblical diet involved.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... probably some sort of biblical diet involved."

well... apparently we're breaking all kinds of leftbot directives... simply talking about this one.

the saintly dr dawg claims i'm just being a racist... again.


Anonymous said...

Yes, children must be protected unless the parents are stupid, which is a protected minority these days.

I've actually run into this group before:


I bought a book written by this nut in a used book store that, if written by a white neo-nazi, would have been hate literature. It somehow is acceptable when written by a guy like Dwight York.

This religious crap is bad enough in the mainstream. When the freaks get a hold of it, its worse. I mean, can they even turn the CORNER towards coherency?

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... if written by a white neo-nazi, would have been hate literature"

but i just don't get it, james.

dawg swears that we (that'd be anybody who disagrees with dawg) are the haters.

do you think it's possible dawg has an honourary membership in the moorish nation... because that's kinda their shtick too.

you can check them out, but... yeeeouch... don't try to open this webpage without your sunglasses on.

and about the only thing i can say is... "buddy, get back to the doctor... as quickly as you can"... 'cos we're talkin' majorly delusional.

on the plus side, if you're a teenager, maybe you can use this to sneak into restricted movies...

"Click here To Download the Template to Make Your Own Moorish American National Identification Card. You Are The Best Authority To Identify Your self. If You Don't Someone Else Will Name You For Themselves."

a public service message from your local moorish nation.


Neo Conservative said...

sorry, anonymous... dumb-ass racial invective is not welcome here.

-- deleted --


Anonymous said...

The good news is, wacky cults like this tend to be self-defeating.

The bad news is, sometimes they take innocent people, in this case children, with them.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... wacky cults like this tend to be self-defeating."

james... from your lips, to the divine king of morocco's ears.


Anonymous said...