07 September 2008

Don't sweat it, Roger...

...if the Scary Sisters were all over my ass... I'd be runnin' for cover, too...

One of Barracuda's co-writers, former Heart guitarist Roger Fisher, said he was "thrilled" with the "ingenious placement of a kick-ass song."

However, he later told Reuters that he supported the Democratic ticket and would be donating some of the royalties to Barack Obama's campaign.
"Good boy, Rog... good boy."



Anonymous said...

They have to put up some token protest to ensure the Republicans get their backs all arched and continue to use the song. Then a) laugh all the way to the bank and b) laugh at them using this song to define their "family values" poster girl

Did you know what the song "Barracuda" is about? Let's look at some of the words:
"You'd have me down on my knees" and
"Sell me sell you"

Yes, "Sarah's song" is all about fellatio and prostitution.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... put up some token protest to ensure the Republicans continue to use the song"

uh-huh... well, smack me with a shovel... not only did sarah palin pretend to be the mother of her daughter's downs syndrome baby... she must be... gasp... a prostitute!!!

hey, nonny... here's one... if the u.s. government can put a man on the moon... why can't they do something about those poor people on "gilligan's island?"

maybe you should try to work in some black helicopters, too.

what else ya got, dumbstick?


Anonymous said...

what else ya got, dumbstick?
More than you, it seems. Though you are fast on the channel changer. Who said Palin is a prostitute? She's just a hypocrite and the choice of song helps demonstrate it.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... you got nothin'.

sorry, troll... you'll have to find someone else to play with.


sexy11 said...