08 September 2008

C'mon Steffi, thinking good thoughts...

...just isn't gonna do it...

Stephane Dion's Green Shift provides no details about how we get from our present A to his desired green B, just lots of fluffy bon mots about how simple a journey it will be.

It's the magic-wand device: No specifics, no logic, just unflinching faith that if governments merely provide enough incentives and speak the right good wishes (read: chants and incantations), then private industries and university scientists will pull alternatives out of their -- ahem -- hats and jolt us all to the fantasized eco-nirvana.
Friends don't let friends... vote Liberal.



wilson said...

As McCains said,
'Hope is not a Strategy'

Anonymous said...

Amen Wilson,"hope is not a strategy" but I can guarantee "change" if the idiotic "green shift" is the policy of any government it will make the "dirty thirties" look like "the good old days"
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Friends dont let friends VOTE LIBERAL..Just love that Neo.Very catchy.Should be on the Conservative Buttons.


Rose said...

I'm actually encouraging my Liberal friends to vote NDP, I want to see the Liberal Party of Canada relegated to the back of the house where we can't hear them bitch and moan daily.

I think Layton is rather amusing, in a marxist commie way. It's the Hitler stash, too funny.

djxtreme said...

I'm going to MAKE a button. Friends don't let friends Vote Liberal. I love it.

Neo Conservative said...

it's funny how 'relative' insults and compliments can be.

i've heard people refer to sarah palin as "caribou barbie"... which i think is both apropos and sorta backhanded complimentary.

if you can't occasionally laugh at yourself in this screwy world, my friends... you are truly and completely screwed.


sexy11 said...