05 December 2007

You don't need a weatherman...

To know which way the fallout's blowin...

When is a nuclear program a nuclear weapons program?

The open secret of the nuclear age is that the line between civilian and military programs is extraordinarily thin.

Enriched to low levels, uranium can fuel a reactor that produces electrical power — which is what Tehran says it wants to do. But if uranium is purified in spinning centrifuges long enough, and becomes highly enriched, it can fuel an atom bomb.
Yup... that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad... he's just all about the electricity.
Indeed, the most difficult part of building a bomb is not doing the secret military design work but rather the part of the process that is also crucial to civilian nuclear power — producing the fuel.
This one's a no-brainer.
Standing by and doing nothing here is like letting your labrador retriever drive the kids to school.

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Anonymous said...

Actually all you really need is the waste from a conventional power reactor to create a dirty bomb, and the advantage of a dirty bomb is it can be virtually any size allowing for targeting of small specific targets and delivery by a variety of means including parcel post.

Anonymous said...

The same people that had no faith in the intelligence estimates before - have all kinds of faith in the latest estimate. Maybe they all found faith in Allah?(pig be upon him)