31 December 2007

The NDP always talks a good game...

So how about we send Jack bin Layton to Kenya... to negotiate some democracy?

-- NAIROBI -- Kenyan police battled thousands of opposition supporters enraged over President Mwai Kibaki's allegedly fraudulent re-election, opening fire on protesters in violence that has killed at least 103 people, officers and witnesses said.

Soon after the results were announced, the government suspended live television broadcasts and the slums, home to tens of thousands of opposition supporters, exploded into fresh violence.


Nixon's Ghost said...

That sorry SOB can't do anything right.

Anonymous said...

On the noon news today Taliban Jack is demanding that the Canadian government have a investigation into the murder of Bhutto. Pakistani Demonstrators want Harper and Bernier to do something about it.

I say stay out of Pakistan politics


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... On the noon news today Taliban Jack is demanding..."

hey, i'm flexible... if they wanna use my tax dollars to send jack and the entire ndp caucus to pakistan (you know, instead of funding heroin parlours or whorehouses) to investigate this situation... i'm good with that.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice something odd about Layton's appearence to the Muslim crowd about the violence in Pakistan , Olivia wasn't in the building .

Amazing how the NDP can parade around guys like Svend Robinson and Libby Davies as the examples for the Moral highground the NDP has for Human Rights and Gender equality .
But then Jack must appear by himself in a Mosque because his bra-less atheistic god-hating female wife would incite anger by the Muslim men who want her in a Hijab and covered up while she Shuts-up and joins her Female voters at the back of the Mosque in a quasi-cattle pen hidden behind the lattice fence area near the Sagragated back enterance so Jack can meet her in the female area of the parking lot exit.

When the Liberals wanted to get a Photo-Op about a project in Toronto by Muslims to build a local Mosque , they didn't want to upset or offend these tolerant peaceful people by sending the Jewish Minister in Charge of the Department as a MP , no sir...then sent cute little Shelia Copps who sold out her Catholic values and even prenteded to be a Muslim by wearing the Hijab as she gave her speech about how Tolerant and Plural Canada is for accepting newcomers .
But it's too bad the female Muslims at the ceremony were so far away at the back of the seating that they didn't hear the part about Equality and Respect in our Charter Of Rights.

I even found a Video from a Mosque where Dan McTeague and Walid Khan spoke to the crowd right after a "Alleged" vandalism attack to a Mosque ( old 1 storey business office converted from the inside) in 2004 which still hasn't BTW show just 1 arrest or evidence of who did it but Dan had no quams blaming good old Whitey Christian just to appease the voters in the Mosque.

The troubling part i saw was when MP Khan took the Mic and called for calm even though the Quran allows for "Revenge Attacks" on those harming Muslims or Islam , then Lib MP Mcteague took his turn and told the people that we are luck to not see the Israeli firing of rockets onto Muslim land like in Lebanon going on in Canada and we don't want that coming here.
Then he dropped a bomb as a Catholic by denouncing Jesus as the Messiah and exalting Muhammad and Allah as the true faith and true God for all Humans.

I could understand selling out some of my morals for a MP posting from Chretien just to get the Limo and gold-plated Pension and Private Health Plan that Jack and Olivia enjoy while staying mute about it as they bitch for Social justice and equality , but for MP McTeague to sell his Soul and denouce Jesus in front of Muslim for a mere shot at a re-Election is the dumbest move by any Catholic.

I hope McTeague enjoys his life on Earth and spends the money while he has it because Jesus warned him that "If you deny me befor Man, I will deny you befor the Father in Heaven ".
BTW, after a few emails to complain to McTeague about his Christian-Bashing hatefest in the Mosque he attack me as a bigot and racist that has no place in Canada , but the Video spoke for itself and within a few weeks it was editted down to the good stuff and now since ...pulled when Khan jump to the Harper Government .
Poor Dan , if he only knew about my Dad serving for Canada in ww2 while also being part Aboriginal as well.
This is so typical for Liberal to smear people they don't like or want to silence , but my dad gave Dan the freedom to spew his tripe and attack his own son some 60 years later , and it's no surprise the MP was a Liberal from the Trudeau mind set because my dad was also from Quebec as served his time while Trudeau mocked him with his cute little Nazi helmet as if to be oh so smart.

Now we have Honour Killings and Terror cell that either plot to bomb Air Plane or the new tactic to slaughter canadains into submission to get out of Afghan and convert to Shariah law and Islam for all of Canada.