30 December 2007

The Heir Transparent

Here's how to choose the next leader of a socially fractured, nuclear armed nation -- step one... take a freshly minted high school graduate...

NAUDERO, Pakistan, Dec 30 (Reuters) -- Benazir Bhutto's party named her son and husband on Sunday to succeed the slain opposition leader but doubts grew about whether a Jan. 8 poll aiming to transform Pakistan from military rule would go ahead.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, an Oxford law student who is now heir to the country's most powerful political dynasty, said:

"While I am at university ... my father will take care of the party. When I return, I promise to lead the party as my mother wanted me to."

His father then stopped reporters from asking further questions.
And what do we know about dear old dad?
Nicknamed “Mr. Ten Percent” by Pakistanis because of allegations about kickbacks from his wife’s time in power, Asif Ali Zardari, 51, has gone from playboy to villain and now to grieving political widower.

“Zardari has a very tainted record. He may not consider himself suitable for the party leadership,” Masood said.
Yup... nothing to worry about here.


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Liaqat Malik of the Pakistan People's Party of Canada says the Canadian government needs to do more than write statements about Benazir Bhutto's assassination.
Well, Liaqat... we do have all those troops right next door.

*(note to Dumbass Dave @ the Galloping Beaver... it's a joke, son)