21 December 2007

Religion of Piece(s)

Ringing in the holy day Eid al-Adha.

-- SHERPAO, Pakistan -- At least 50 people are dead in Pakistan today after a suicide attacker detonated a bomb packed with ball bearings and nails amid hundreds of holiday worshippers at the home of Pakistan's former interior minister.

The bomber was praying in a row of worshippers when he detonated the explosive, provincial police chief Sharif Virk said.

Authorities say at least 100 others were injured in the blast.

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Residents said the bomber parked his car outside one of the two dozen liquor stores in the area and walked away before setting it off, apparently using a timer or remote control.

A passing Chevrolet Suburban took the full impact, and its passengers were likely to be among the three dead or the 27 people wounded, according to the Iraqi

LAST WORD: Europe not immune from terror
-- BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Fourteen Muslim extremists were detained Friday on allegations they sought to free an al-Qaida sympathizer imprisoned for planning a terrorist attack on U.S. air base personnel, Belgian authorities said.

Security was heightened across the capital, at airports and subway stations out of precaution, officials said.


KURSK said...

Once again the religion of peace spreads its deadly message of love...'cause nothing says lov'in your fellow man like detonating a ball bearing packed bomb whilst worshipping..

John M Reynolds said...

That's it! That's what we need. A global nail and ball bearing registry!

Neo Conservative said...

call me a nervous nellie... but, whenever stuff like this happens... i'd just like to hear a few... actually, make that any... canadian muslim organisations speak up and say... "hey, these guys aren't muslims and they don't speak for me".

hello? anybody?