18 December 2007

It isn't news anymore...

It's some sort of poorly written puppet show...

"The next time your script includes a tour stop for the Spice Girls, fire somebody."
I despair, these days, of learning anything useful from the television news cycle. Too often Lloyd, or Lisa... is dramatically laying out some tired, old dog of a story... that hit the blogosphere days, or even weeks ago.

The recent "storm of the century" nonsense was especially maddening.

While big city news anchors were repeatedly pulling out their hair over the end of the world... people around here were making sure they had gas for the car and a fresh spark plug for the snowblower.

Before the snow had stopped falling, my neighbour... who also has a 700 foot setback from the road... had blown out his driveway AND MINE.

And that whole Karlheinz Shitbag farce... good grief.

If anybody actually has the goods on Brian Mulroney... and the Fiberals are making all sorts of noises like they do... charge the man and let him have his day in court.

I knew we had indisputably reached the apogee of assininity... when both CTV and Global (and no doubt other stations I missed) also ran big stories last night on " how to shovel your driveway."

That really is a pathetic commentary on how far this once proud country has fallen.

If we actually need step-by-step instructions on how to use our shovels... and that's the message we're being bombarded with on a daily basis... it is truly time to roll over and die.


Reid said...

How much snow fell in the centre of the univers? 25cm?

I remember the winter of 1996/1997 in Vancouver we got a metre of snow overnight.

25cm??? I can't believe there aren't soldiers in our streets. With shovels. In Canada. I'm not making this up.

Neo Conservative said...

"reid said... soldiers in our streets"

which would still be way less harmful... than idiots in our newsrooms.


Anonymous said...

The extended news cycle on "The Greatest Storm of the Century to Hit the Centre of the Universe" won't be over until the obligatory follow-up "news reports" are filed:

"Toronto back to Normal After Bizarre Fall Snow Storm"

"Massive Storm Will Lead to Tax Increases: Mayor"

"How Man-Made Global Warming Wrecked Havoc on Toronto"

GDW said...

Oh, come on: you had to love that snow plow CTV ran back and forth across the screen last night on the six o'clock news. And Ken Shaw was positively giddy. You don't get that on just any old newscast.

Neo Conservative said...

"kate said... The next time your script includes a tour stop for the Spice Girls, fire somebody."

enough of this shit already... the next time anybody uses the words "spice girls"... give them a slap.


ebt said...

Maybe you shouldn't watch TV news? I know I don't.