16 December 2007

Timmy gets totalled

Where is your god now?

Canadian forces were involved in a major offensive Sunday that cleared Taliban insurgents and a weapons cache out of an area 40 kilometres west of Kandahar City.

No Canadian or coalition troops were injured during the one-day mission, called Operation Sharp Sword.

Officials confirmed that 41 Taliban insurgents were killed during the mission.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap - that's 2,952 virgins! and that's just today. Allah is probably recycling virgins just to keep up!

Ahmad said...

Keep it up Canadian Forces! May God, Allah, Jesus, and whatever else you believe in, bless your efforts cleaning up the mess that criminals created. Criminals both from the east and west, regardless their names, origins and beliefs!

Neo Conservative said...

"Ahmad said... Keep it up Canadian Forces!"

thank you, ahmed.

this type of sentiment from a typical canadian muslim does more to promote solid relations with the non-islamic community... than a hundred sanctimonious, half-hearted soundbites from a mohammed elmasry, or a syed soharwardy.

why do we so seldom hear this voice?

speak up people... show the rest of canada you won't let your religion be hijacked by extremists.


Mr. Neutron said...

Can't help but notice the deafening silence coming from Taliban Jack Layton and the rest of the "Bring 'em Home", terrorist loving, smelly hippie crowd. It would appear they are desperate to pull our troops out as we are in serious danger of winning this war.

Neo Conservative said...

"mr neutron says... we are in serious danger of winning this war."

every time these sociopathic raggedy-ass poppy farmers stand and fight... they get their asses kicked.

that's why their best bet so far has been booby traps and suicide bombers. we have to decide whether or not to really go after them.

time to choose. time to fight. time to win.


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! FUCKING RIGHT!!!! We kick ass!!!

Well, to be fair, the soldiers that were there kick ass. We are armchair pussies, but we sure like to take the credit for it.

By the way, you see 41 dead. I see at least another 41 new terrorists. I'm sure their whole family has decided to suddenly ally themselves with us, now that we've killed one of their relatives. Yep, in a tribal society, they frequently overlook those flimsy family bonds.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... now that we've killed one of their relatives"

well, nonny... that's one way to look at it.

i'm just not so sure that bend over and grab your ankles strategy is gonna do the trick.

you seem to have overlooked the fact that the primary function of a soldier... is to break stuff and kill people.

see... that's why it's called war and not "circle of friends".