17 December 2007

Having your "yellowcake"...

And eating it too...

The delivery of the nuclear fuel has removed one of the most significant practical sanctions against Tehran, says the BBC's diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus.

Russia's foreign ministry said it had received assurances from Tehran that the fuel would not be used anywhere but at Bushehr. The foreign ministry statement urged Iran to stop enriching uranium, saying there was no longer any need.

But a senior Iranian official said his country would not halt uranium enrichment "under any circumstances".
Hey, Vlad... have you forgotten who we're dealin' with, here?


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Washington says Iran has no need to continue its own nuclear programme now that Russia has started delivering fuel to the Bushehr power plant.

But Tehran says it will not stop the uranium enrichment process despite the threat of further UN sanctions.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. I thought that an armed society was a polite society. I thought giving everyone access to guns ensures that crime is reduced. Why is it different on the world stage?

And by what reason do we (i.e., the US) decide that we dictate who can and cannot have nuclear weapons? It's not like we've been abiding by any nonproliferation treaties or test bans.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon scratches his head... Why is it different on the world stage?"

are you serious?

how about... because nuclear weapons aren't the same as handguns?

more deep thoughts from the loony left.


Anonymous said...

Uhhh, NO WAY!!! You're kidding right!!! Umm, you should know that that was tongue in cheek, dipshit. But thanks for the reply.

I still don't see how we dictate who gets nukes, when we don't even follow the treaties. I notice you skipped the serious part of the question.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I still don't see how we dictate who gets nukes..."

yeah, of course, it's so unfair... i just can't wait to see what happens when this wacky guy gets his hands on the nuclear trigger.