28 December 2007

I'm calling it... "The Dion Effect"

You know, like when... instead of actually DOING SOMETHING that will create a net positive result... you do something totally useless, or even worse... COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE... like renaming the family pet in the supposed pursuit of environmentalism.


MEMORY LANE: Driving Miss Steffi

While the Liberals signed the Kyoto accord in 1998 and ratified it in 2002, not only did our emissions go up by 24.2% compared to 13.3% for the U.S. from 1990 to 2003 -- which the media did report -- but that left us with the sixth worst record among the world's key industrialized nations.


Nixon's Ghost said...

Even worse than that, he's fucking french. That in itself is worthy of a stoning if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

nixon's ghost - that comment about being French was totally ignorant and uncalled for. A large percentage of our fellow Canadians are French, including me. If Dion was another nationality he would still be profoundly unfit to make decisions on behalf of this country. He has never managed anyone or anything, including according to his wife - his own cheque book or choosing his own clothes.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... that comment about being French..."

anon... you don't get it.

nixie aka kevron is simply a clumsy leftbot troll trying to stir up trouble... yet another manifestation of the enlightened, all-inclusive progressive movement.

he runs around the blogosphere trying to provoke people by smearing his own shit on the walls.

ignore him.


Partying Conservative said...

Dion's a panty waste. Harper is a real man. We need real men for our Canada not stupid commies like Dion.

Conservatives rock! We rule while liberals drool!

Canuck1955 said...

Nice to see intelligent discourse.

Just for the record...
nixon's ghost is an idiot

more like a racist piece of shit

Neo Conservative said...

nixie is the little kid at the back of the class, screaming, "look at me, look at me."

my advice... don't feed the trolls.


Anonymous said...

It was Dion's daughter that named the dog - you going to go after kids now?

Harper named his cat - cheddar because he likes cheese - now that's really clever.

Dion is colour blind - that's why his wife picks his clothes - no an uncommon situation at all. My husband is colour blind and I pick some of his clothes - and he IS a manly man - played football, etc.

By the way, Dion is quite good at sports.

Dion is French-CANADIAN - so?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... It was Dion's daughter that named the dog"

that may actually be true... steffi isn't known for being decisive, is he?

he sure tried to exploit the shit out of it though, didn't he?


Anonymous said...

Liberals cannot be trusted on environmental issues - they did nothing except take lots of credit for signing papers that they did not intend to honour.

Dion is a fool. Liberal voters don't care about Canada.

gimbol said...

The Dion effect?

I like it. Perhaps that would explain how a once national party got coopted by the leftwing and now gets its talking points from the CBC via Paublo Rodrigez.