26 December 2007

Here's hoping...

This is simply more blatant, manufactured partisan CTV hogwash... because the only other explanation... is that this doofus is too stupid to be let out in public by himself...

"It was really surprising to hear Iran singled out so strongly by the defence minister as a country that is contributing to the harm of Canadian troops," Oliver told CTV Newsnet.
How is it, exactly... that all the Iran-suckers have such short memories?


Johnathon said...

CTV, Toronto Star, CBC, Global, Globe and Mail all work for the Liberal Party of Canada.

When you watch or read these outlets on a daily basis, you don't have to be a genius to realize they are in bed with the most corrupt party in the world.

Harper should do an press conference and make that fact known loud and clear.

Harper should embarrass the liberal media every time he has a chance.

Red Tory said...

Part of the reason Harper isn't doing better in the polls is because of dopes like you, Fred. Keep up the stellar work!

Canuck1955 said...

A bigger part of the reason Mr. Harper isn't doing well at the polls is because they don't matter.

What does a poll do?
Supposedly give a snapshot of what a small number of people feel at a particular time about a particular issue.

What is a Red Tory? I thought they were all either extinct or Liberals.

There is only one poll that counts. The one the Liberals sat on their hands on to avoid facing.

Stellar counter-point...especially with that brilliant 'dope' repartee.

Anonymous said...

Red Tory,

And I must also assume 'Redneck Torieless', that Stephie Dion is doing 'so well' at the polls, particularly the ones that show his 'leadership abilities', the same one that consistently show the klutz to be at near single digit levels,; and show the Prime Minister at levels 400 % higher, to be because of nerds like you RT?
In your defence RT, it is not, it is fundamentally because Stephie 'doesn't have it' and never will. He is truly 'the gift that keeps on giving'. At the next 'Liberal leadership review, please do support your 'leader'.

Anonymous said...

Well ... perhaps the only news CTV is capable of reporting more or less accurately is the weather , is where the reporter stands in the snow or rain and announces it is snowing or raining respectively.

kursk said...

Oliver panders to people like Red Tory, who while being a red, is certainly no Tory..

Oliver and co. are like the mutt that is repeatedly beaten with sticks and just stands there, too dumb to comprehend why, and too confused to get out of the way.

A foreign minister can't complain because another nation is supplying arms that are killing our soldiers?

Oh, i forgot, people like Red Tory don't mind our soldiers being killed, if it gets us out of Afghanistan and the Liberals back in power..( after which, you know, they would send them to safe spots like, i dunno, Darfur..!!)

Tell me Red, how did the dopes of the liberal party ever maintain power with such softheaded approaches to nearly everything they touched?

People are wising up to the liberals, and your type is quickly being kicked to the curb.

Never fear however,there is another Trudeau waiting in the wings for you to genuflect to in your dotage..

Red Tory said...

My, my… what a lot of baseless tripe. Seems like more than a few people got coal in their stockings this year.

I don’t seem to recall mentioning Mr. Dion or touting the Liberals in any way. Did I? No, of course not. But feel free to make things up and extrapolate. You folks seem to do that with such exuberant gusto!

As for being a Tory, I’m a helluva lot more conservative (or classically liberal, if you prefer) than this free-spending, big government, corporate welfare doling outfit that’s in office at the moment.

And when it comes to impugning my patriotism and suggesting that I couldn’t care less whether our soldiers are killed, all I can say is that pusillanimous cretins who flippantly make such malicious accusations are nothing but immoral, cowardly scum.

Raphael Alexander said...

Neo, what you neglect to mention or quote are the clarifying remarks made by Mr.Oliver:

The alliance is surprising considering the Taliban were mortal enemies with Iran while they were in government, he said.

"Of course, as the saying goes, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend,'" Oliver said.

Murray Oliver offers a factual point of history regarding relations between the Taliban and Iran, but also theorizes that the two have become aligned for strategic purposes.

"Certainly the Americans have been sending out messages recently that they believe there is much more Iranian involvement in Afghanistan than has been widely reported," Oliver said.

But he also noted that NATO officials think that any Iranian assistance might not be coming from the government itself, but factions within the government. If true, that would make a diplomatic solution more complex, Oliver said.

I think it's a fairly non-partisan, non-manufactured statement to say that the chatter out of the U.S. ranks is that there has been noted Iranian interference recently, but that it may not be coming directly from Iran itself.

After all, the U.S. declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, not the government itself. What we could be seeing here is interference from the many nuanced cells of the government's radical wings, not specific orders from the highest level.

Of course I could be wrong, and so could Murray Oliver. But I think both of us have qualified our remarks to accommodate such margin for error.

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk said... Oliver panders to people like Red Tory..."

well kursk... pinko red is an unapologetic disciple of misogynistic pottymouth canadian cecilia so maybe you shouldn't have too many expectations in the first place.


Red Tory said...

RA is too polite to say it, but Neo is once again cherry-picking and taking things out of context. In the grimier circles in which I more usually travel, this is referred to in a discrete manner as “intellectual dishonesty” or more bluntly as, LYING.

And speaking of short memories, Neo might also have mentioned that in the immediately post-9/11 period, Iran was (at least temporarily before being dubbed part of the “axis of evil”) an “ally” of the U.S. and quite instrumental in ousting the Taliban and helping Karzai assume power in the newly “democratic” Afghanistan.

Neo Conservative said...

"raffi says... what you neglect to mention or quote..."

no raffi... what i failed to mention was the eye-rolling and condescending intonation of both oliver and talking head sandi rinaldo as they presented this blatant piece of propaganda on the 11 o'clock edition of master-pinko theatre.

if you... even for a moment... thought this was an unbiased, or even remotely informative piece of news... you've obviously got a postal code in some different universe than most of my readers.

you could, however, try peddling your theory over at cc's house of ignorance... apparently you, she and pinko red are all on the same page.


Red Tory said...

You're a retard Neo. Not even worth the keystrokes it takes to comment here. You should just carry on wanking in glorious isolation, nurturing your bizarre obsession with Canadian Cynic and fixating on the offended vulva of Wanda Watkins.

Raphael Alexander said...

Neo, if that were true it should have been more efficient to simply say so from the beginning. "I watched the 11 o'clock news last night and did not enjoy the snarky intonation of Sandy Rinaldo and Murray Oliver, and greatly suspect that this was presented in order to eschew suspicion from the Iranians.

Instead all you gave us was a link to a news article is rather undeniably not partisan. What do you expect from your ideological colleagues? To infer such bias or conjure it up from the nether regions of previously harvested bias?

But I appreciate you hovering over the button, ready to cast me into Liberal stigma with Canadian Cynic who, by the way, just finished another round of bashing good cheer over at his site of political debauchery.

Neo Conservative said...

"pinko red says... In the grimier circles in which I more usually travel..."

yeah... i think we already covered that.

say, red... exactly how many whiskeys does it take to get that taste out of your mouth anyway?

it's funny... you claim i'm "not worth the keystrokes"... but there you are... strokin' away... defending your buttbuddy cecilia every time he decides, yet again, to link to me.

you just go home, my frilly leftoid friend... and gargle... again.

it might not fix things entirely, but it sure can't hurt.


Neo Conservative said...

"raffi says... if that were true..."

but it's not, huh?

well... you're in stellar company, my friend... cc and red are right behind you.

remember that old ricky nelson tune... "you can't please everyone... so you've got to please yourself".

words to live by.


Raphael Alexander said...

If you want to convince people of a political bias you have to provide more than a link to a text and assume your readers have seen the intonations of the live footage only you saw at 11 o'clock the previous night.

This has nothing to do with RT or CC in relation to my comments. Is it possible you're right? Sure. I'd bet there's a strong possibility. But it has nothing to do with the persuasion of this particular article.

Anyway, carry on...

Red Tory said...

RA — Neo’s sentient matter could be easily accommodated in the bowels of a hamster, so it’s a complete waste of time even attempting to discuss anything reasonably with him.

He’s too self-absorbed and hopelessly mired in his vituperative world of solipstic nihilism to move beyond being an embittered, angry crank with a persistent diaper rash.

Neo Conservative said...

"red tory painstakingly crayons... vituperative world of solipstic nihilism"

oh boy... sounds like somebody got a thesaurus for christmas.

you go girl!!!


p.s. -- hamster bowels, red?

better slow up on the eggnog, old son.


Red Tory said...

You're a profoundly stupid man.

spanky said...

It would appear neo got a wood shed and willow whip for Christmas...and R.T. a Boxing Day deal on Red butt cheeks...owwww! that's gotta hurt.

Red Tory said...

Pathetic. Is that what passes for wit amongst your dreary gang of addlepated whackjobs?

whackjob said...

Heh, good ol' Red comes around again spreading his brand of cheer and whatnot...always good for a laugh this guy...and not much else.

Red Tory said...

Thanks, sockpuppet. I'll take that as a back-handed compliment. I realize your other hand is most probably busy with other activities.

sockpuppet said...

Heh heh, this gets better by the comment, sorry Red, not a sock anything but the real deal whackjob...your turn, I'm holding my girth in anticipation...gimme one of your large words, that usually does it for me, heh...

Anonymous said...

Hey...Johnathon, weren't you in prison or something?

Maybe we should all defer to Johnathon on these latent homosexual matters. He's been properly butched in.

Red Tory said...

gimme one of your large words, that usually does it for me, heh...


There you go, five whole syllables! That should do the trick.

And the folks at Kleenex® thank you for your continued patronage.

whacky said...

Heh, ol' Red has moved from whackjobs to handjobs and tricks (that large brain working o/t again), sorry Red, maybe a Kleenex gets you thru the nite but yours truly here requires Sponge Towels featuring Sponge Pocket Technology for added absorbency...go Red...

Anonymous said...

Did wacky just drop a 'my dick is bigger than yours' comment?

Yes, we have reached the pinnacle of intellectual dialogue here on your site, neo. Keep up the good work. I wonder: is it possible that all of these pseudo-anons have just come here to bring your site down into the garbage. If that's the case, then good work anons.

Since no one is interested in the topic, we'll all agree that McKay is a duplicitous f*cking moron with his tongue up America's ass.

Now please return to the dick and masturbation jokes.

self-righteous said...

Anony said thus:

"Now please return to the dick and masturbation jokes"

Oh Red, I think you're being paged.

and for the record anony, Red was discussing (very seriously I might add) ejaculation loads not dick size, please pay attention to the thread otherwise you look foolish.

syncrodox said...


Wow! Quite a Boxing Day thread. To be honored by the presence of one of the leading leftist wits is a veritable Christmas bonus.

I mean really, 9/27 or 33% of all the posts. And surprisingly enough a third of those vaguely reference the subject at hand.

Happily all of R/T's posts include his web renowned rapier rhetoric, running his entire repertoire from hamsters to the homo erotic, from vulva s to the enunciation of ejaculation. The width, depth and breadth of this tacticians oral skills are indescribable.

I guess that's one of the reasons I keep coming back here. The stellar brilliance of R/T's intelligence is something to behold and to bask in the brilliance of it's sheer magnitude is a life changing event.

I'm awestruck and await further dispatches from one of the great political analysts of our times.


p.s. R/T, have you been nominated for a CBA yet? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you and Paladia were nominated in the same category?

Red Tory said...

Not quite the Algonquin Round Table here, is it?

Hmmm. Colour me surprised.

Goodnight gentlemen (and ladies, presuming there are any who read this dreck). I'll be sure to make it a point not to interrupt your lofty discourses in the future.

Cheerio & Rgds.


[insert "liberal elitist" jibes here]

shrek not dreck said...

Yeh, I'm with Red, I urge one and all to flee this site and head over to Cdn. Cyntie where lofty discourse and such is discussed at the Cyntie Round Table...and Red brush-up on all "things" female, you failed miserably here on the male end of things...don't want to disappoint luuluu (I think that one is a female although after viewing her foot I remain skeptical).

Neo Conservative said...

"red tory spurts... Ejaculation."

oh, red... we'll miss you.


Neo Conservative said...

"syncro says... mean really, 9/27 or 33% of all the posts. And surprisingly enough a third of those vaguely reference the subject at hand."

well... big red says he's not gonna come around any more... so i guess he wanted to go out with a bang.