24 December 2007

In Toronto's Regent Park...

It's way better to give... than to receive...

Four people were in custody last night after a gunman left his victim lying in a pool of blood just steps away from a neighbourhood playground yesterday.

The murder, in broad daylight and just two days before Christmas, was the city's 82nd homicide of the year, pushing the city further past the 80 killings recorded in the Year of the Gun in 2005 and inching it closer to the 1991 record of 87 homicides.

UPDATE: Where everybody knows your name
Police today identified the victim as Karim Rashid Ata-Ayi, who was shot to death outside 14 Blevins Place in an open area surrounded by highrise apartments and townhouses.

Ata-Ayi, who was known to police, did not live in Regent Park but did spend time in the area. It's been reported that Ata-Ayi was charged in 2000 with a shooting that happened at a community barbeque in Regent Park.


Nixon's Ghost said...

Yet another reason to develop tactical nuclear weapons. We can deploy them against crime ridden neighbourhoods and areas infested with Liberals.

In fact, can't we just wipe all the major cities off the map? Fucking liberal bastards.

Rob C said...

Eventually the will get enough basketball courts built to eliminate this minor murder problem.

Neo Conservative said...

"Nixon's Ghost said... Yet another reason..."

hey, nixie... i bet all the other underemployed, silkstocking socialists down at ocap are so proud of you for standing up for your downtrodden brothers-in-marxism.

make sure you don't forget to change into a fresh 'che lives" t-shirt before jetting home to get more tuition money from mummy and daddy.

power to the people, dude.


syncrodox said...


The unrelenting gun violence in the urban drug culture is especially saddening at this time of year.

In their own ways both Nixon's Ghost and Rob C expose the twisted logic that underlies our responses to gang/ethnic/cultural violence.

More "recreational opportunities' and OCAP tactics that demand a standard of living without the corresponding standard of responsibility are two of the "kinder, gentler" approaches.

The fact that they don't work is vehemently denied by the likes of Nixon and soundly mocked by Rob.

I suppose that explains the widening political and philosophical gulf in this country.

Regardless, Merry Christmas Neo, Rob and all the other Hallsters.

For your more sensitive readers like CC, Kevron and Nixxy.....Happy non-denominational nothing.


p.s. I know you're an atheist Neo but I figured you could handle the salutation without blowing a spleen ;)

Anonymous said...

Its not a crime problem. Its a race problem. There I said it.

These immigrants come from violent countries like Jamaica where they know nothing but violence and start shooting each other up here.

Sorry, but its true.

Happy x-mas, y'all.

Neo Conservative said...

thx, sync... it's been merry christmas all my life... and it will be forever more.

please note, everybody... that being an atheist doesn't mean you have a hard-on for christians... or anybody else.

it simply means you want a little tangible evidence.

merry christmas to you and yours.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... There I said it."

sorry... once again, this isn't about race... it's about culture... a very specific culture of violence.

and not to rain on your parade... even within the black community... it's been said before.