29 December 2007

To understand how Pakistan works...

You have to get the lay of the land... from their map...

In Pakistan, the military has its own forms of graft; nonetheless, it remains the least corrupt institution in the country and the only force holding an unnatural state together.

In Pakistan back in the '90s, the only people I met who cared a whit about the common man were military officers. Americans don't like to hear that.

But it's the truth.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to CFRB today and there were 2 men commenting over the Pakistan problem with Bhutto being shot , well folks it only took about 10 minutes for one of them to blame Bush for all the stife and violence in their homeland.

I really getting sick of Pakistanis claiming that there is no history of violence or terrorism in Pakistan , even a Toronto based movie about the 19 Illegals removed from Canada tried to make it a anti-Muslim slant because 19 out of 26 Illegals were Muslims so the producer was on the John Moore Show to spew a big lie than no Terrorist have every come from Pakistan .

What's irnonic is that I joked about Bhutto's morphing into a truth.org conspiracy scam to absolve Islam of any link to the murder within a Muslim nation.
These are the same people that don't want Israel to be a State based on a religion while pakistan can be a Islamic nation with the Nuclear Bomb as well.