22 December 2007

More murder, please

I've always been curious... what exactly, do you think Jack Layton would have to say to these guys... when he drops in to negotiate his "peace settlement"?

-- CAIRO, Egypt -- The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq called on militants in a new audiotape Saturday to kill Sunnis who have joined forces with the U.S. to battle extremists in the war-torn country.

The message was posted on the Internet on the final day Eid al-Adha, a four-day religious holiday for Muslims marked by the sacrifice of cows, sheep, goats and bulls.
Religious holiday, huh?
In the 47-minute audiotape, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi called on militants in Iraq to kill members of the Awakening Councils — mostly Sunnis who once fought against the U.S. but have since turned their guns on extremists — instead of slaughtering animals to mark the holiday.
Holy day, human sacrifice... who couldn't get jiggy with that?


alexb said...

Jack would promise free housing.
Free back bacon on a bun every Friday.
Free concerts in the ruble of schools every Saturday.
Free dance parties on Sunday,after Church of course.
Free music CD's and kites for the kids.

If Ms. Chow tags along she will promise to set up schools and perhaps universities for women.....oh yeah i forgot.

GDW said...

He'd say "AAAAAARRRGGGHH!!!!" as he has his own ass handed to him and his neck put in a noose.

Anonymous said...

Layton's idea of dealing with anything that may require military force is to run around protest marches, carrying protest signs and tie dye shirts.....the NDP are still in the 70's with their attitude and policies and it's a whole different world today.

Jack needs to get with the times.