19 December 2007

Note to Lunatic Left

Be careful what you wish for.

-- WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg police say an officer was forced to shoot and kill an armed man when efforts to subdue him with a Taser were unsuccessful.

One of the officers fired his Taser, but for some unexplained reason it did not work properly. An officer was then forced to use his service pistol.
More details from the Globe and Mail.
So far this year, Winnipeg police have pulled out tasers 160 times: 65 times the suspect complied after seeing the taser, 50 times a suspect was hit with the taser's probes, and 45 times it was touching the body and used in stun mode.

They do not keep statistics on the number of times a taser fails to work.


langmann said...

Cops shouldn't have handguns, look what happens.

How many people this year were killed by cops with handguns? Does Dion know? He should find out.

Neo Conservative said...

"it's my party... and i'll fry if i want to..."


KEvron said...

"Does Dion know? He should find out."

does harpo know? he should find out....


Anonymous said...

Did I hear that right from the other poster, that Cops should not have hand guns?

How is he to protect himself with someone who has a hand gun, or threatening in some other fashion.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Did I hear that right..."

that's called sarcasm, my friend... although with all the loony leftbots running around screaming similar warnings... i can see how you might get confused.