19 December 2007

Short and sweet

I just received (and I'm guessing this is some sort of mass-mailing) a Merry Blogmas email (well, a strange picture) from the Honourable Garth Turner.

He obviously doesn't read my stuff.


syncrodox said...
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Anonymous said...

I got the same thing. I think anyone who has ever sent him an email or posted with their real email address on his blog got the somewhat disturbing image spammed out to them.

Jeff Davidson said...

He obviously doesn't read my stuff.

i'm sure turner assumes your stuff is written by a semi-literate and ill-mannered teenager.

he was probably hoping to reach your parents.

merry christmas.

Neo Conservative said...

"jeffie "bugboy" davidson says... semi-literate and ill-mannered teenager"

oh really, jeffie... do you kiss your boyfriend with that nasty mouth?


lights, camera, davidson said...

Wow!, a Christmas miracle, davidson wishing a "Merry Christmas", hang around here davidson and you'll be amazed at how much knowledge can be squeezed into your cranium.

Oh what the heck, Merry Christmas to you and yours davidson.

Neo Conservative said...

it's true, he should get some credit for actually using the taboo words "merry christmas".

you'll notice darth turner can't bring himself to utter them.

merry christmas, jeffie.


syncrodox said...


I received the same spam from Garth also. I really had my heart set on some video editing equipment so I could help him out like I did here:


If nothing else I expect he will lift my comment ban at his blog on Christmas Eve.

Or not.