24 December 2007


Both the booby-trapped corpses and the possible female bomber are being taken to reinforce the idea that the insurgents have been forced to adopt passive tactics because they can't fight NATO soldiers head-to-head.

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-- KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- Canadian soldiers joined the renowned Royal Gurkha Rifles Sunday in a battle to eliminate the source of rocket fire that targeted two Kandahar military outposts.

But when the coalition forces showed up, insurgents hiding out at a compound near the Pashmul district shied away from a fight.

LAST WORD: GUNS... in their streets
Officials have tightened security at churches, malls, and tourism sites as Christians prepare to celebrate Christmas in Indonesia, a secular nation with the world's largest population of Muslims.


finn said...

You're being too hard on them, neo. Maybe they just didn't have time to shave their balls, so they couldn't chance getting killed and losing out on the seventy-two virgins.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe these donkeyheads should just stick to boobytrapping dead bodies and hanging 12 year-old boys from lamp posts.

or it could be... it's just the will of allah... that tells them to run away like little girls.