20 December 2007

Taliban Jack has a plan

Canadian troops have started to severely kick Taliban ass... so, of course... Jack-be-nimble thinks we should ramp up the charm offensive...

Layton said the new direction should be attaining peace through negotiating a ceasefire with all sides, and that Canada should be focusing on aid and reconstruction.
Boy Jack, there's a strategy.

These guys are settin' boobytraps to kill Canadian soldiers... and all you can come up with, is... "Why can't we be friends?"



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Among cases reported in the document are:

· The "castration" of the former Afghan president, Najibullah in 1996. The Taliban "dragged his body behind a jeep for several rounds of the palace and then shot him dead".

· The 1998 massacre of 600 Uzbeks in the province of Faryab. "Western aid workers... said civilians were dragged from their homes, lined up and shot."

· After the capture of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998 the Taliban indulged in the "frenzied killing of shop owners, cart pullers, women and children shoppers". Women and girls were raped, and 2,000-5,000 civilians, mainly ethnic Hazaras, were massacred.

· The public execution in Yakaolang of at least 170 civilians, mainly from humanitarian organisations. "According to Amnesty International, eyewitnesses reported the deliberate killing of dozens of civilians hiding in a mosque."

Other reports include accounts from refugees and human rights groups of the beating of infants, killing of children and hanging of bodies from lampposts.
I say... let's stick with what's working.


Anonymous said...

Socialists and Taliban have a lot in common, with such similar track records it's easy to see why Jack Layton is frustrated that they aren't more powerful.

Nixon's Ghost said...

I am just wondering why we can't nuke the taliban altogether? Maybe we can send all those whiny runny-nosed socialist momma's boys over there on on "aid mission" first.

Those left wing bastards deserve a severe dose of radiation, considering all the bitching and moaning they do about nuclear power.