30 December 2007

Maybe he can take it...

To the Afghani Human Rights Commission...

-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A key Taliban commander reportedly kicked out of the militia believes the dismissal order is a conspiracy against him and has not been signed off by Taliban leader Mullah Omar, his spokesman said Sunday.

A spokesman for Dadullah said Sunday that Dadullah has refused to accept the dismissal order, which he called a conspiracy.


Radmila said...

If he brought it to our Human Rights Commission, they could make a case for him.

The only thing missing would be logic, and sense.

spike said...

he should just take his case to the international court in the hague. it would be a slam dunk with arbour at the helm.

Neo Conservative said...

if dadullah's on the outs with mullah omar... he could end up asking for refugee status here in canada.

maybe jack bin layton could get him a job in his constituency office.