30 December 2007

Forget about the FBI...

The Fiberals would send in their crack investigative team... from the CBC...

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis, who also attended the ceremony in Toronto, said the various reports surrounding Ms. Bhutto's death are sufficient for Canada to push the United Nations or the Commonwealth to launch an international inquiry into the matter.

“I mean you've got the government saying one thing and you see other things in the news.”
Oh, man... it's so confusing.


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The expansion of Pakistan’s own militants, with their fortified links to Al Qaeda, presents a deeply troubling development for the Bush administration and its efforts to stabilize this volatile nuclear-armed country.

It is also one that many in Pakistan have been loath to admit, but that Ms. Bhutto had begun to acknowledge in her many public statements about the greatest threat to her country being in religious extremism and terrorism.
Of course, in fairness to the Liberal's own Sherlock Holmes... the militants have denied that they had anything to do with Bhutto's assassination...
“Neither Baitullah Mehsud nor any of his associates were involved in the assassination of Benazir, because raising your hand against women is against our tribal values and customs.”
Well... that settles that.


LAST WORD: Speaking of martyrdom... and the CBC
"We accept that you are not the only, or even the first, Canadian political party to use CBC News as a whipping boy for fundraising purposes."


Anonymous said...

I almost wet my pants over Jack Layton's paranoia and short memory.

Not only has he joined the Conspiracy nuts over an investigation for the Truth.org tripe about Bhutto , but Layton forgot all about the Liberal AdScam to steal tax dollars to fund at least 2 Federal election
and then both PM lied to Gomery about the scam .
Jack stated today at a rally that Canada should help in the Election because of or system that respects democracy and has a history of fair elections.

Earth to Jack....Take your head out of the glue bag befor you lose what's left of your brain , Chretien and Martin robbed us blind and now Jean is getting the Order Of Canada as a reward from the GG that Martin appointed.
The corruption in pakistan is said to be partly from the Appointed Judges by a iron fisted ruler that punishes desent , oops....sorry folks I'm confused and was thinking of Canada under Trudeau and Chretien who stacked the SCOC and declared Martial Law
in 1970 where 400 innocent civilians were jailed without charges .

No wonder that wacky young Trudeau kid loves Cuba and Saddam so much and exalts Ernesto Guavera
as the ideal man.

rations said...

Hmmmm.... the Liberals and CBC want an inquiry, is there a Khan Heinz Schreiber in a Pakistani jail willing to link the assassination to Harper?

Anonymous said...

Re murder of "BiBi," TangoJuliette sez:
It has all become rather moot this morning. Everybody stays home.

LibRed TorStar on the Don, Sunday Star edition, about 30 hours later than expected, in Sunday's oped column declares that George W is "responsible" for Bhutto assassination.



Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... It has all become rather moot this morning"

i say we send karygiannis and layton to check it out anyway... let 'em get a taste of "negotiating" in that part of the world.