26 December 2007

Back in circulation?

If you've recently found yourself... as a friend of mine has... back on the dating circuit... you might wanna make sure you don't go skydiving without your reserve chute.

-- LONDON, ONT. -- When rapid HIV testing expands next month across Ontario, officials will be watching closely to see if the results mirror an abnormal and dramatic cluster of positive tests recorded this fall at a London clinic.

Options Clinic – the only anonymous test site in the city and the only Ontario site besides Toronto's Hassle Free Clinic doing rapid HIV testing – has seen seven positive results in 139 tests conducted since Sept. 1.

Of the seven, three are heterosexual women, two are heterosexual men and two are homosexual men.
Not reassuring at all, huh?
Based on 2005 figures, it is estimated that almost 25,000 people in Ontario are living with HIV, about 34 per cent of those undiagnosed.

London has the third-highest HIV rate in the province, behind Toronto and Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

AIDS is not caused by HIV. That is a liberal lie! They want us all to wear condoms!

Read the web sometime. The evidence is insurmountable. I hope Harper tells the world about this important issue. I think AIDS is caused by gayness.

Neo Conservative said...

nixie... you do realise your juvenile trolling is the equivalent of jumping up and down and yelling, "look at me, look at me!!!", right?

is that the effect you're going for?

sorry... it's just that i'm a little embarrassed for you.