29 December 2007

A little executive downsizing?

Maybe he just wasn't bloodthirsty enough... to actually make his quota...

Taleban leader Mullah Omar has dismissed one of his top military commanders, Mansoor Dadullah, accusing him of not following orders.

A Taleban statement did not say how Mansoor Dadullah had disobeyed orders. But it said his associates should carry on with their duties as usual.
Associates? Duties?

Give yourself a shake, fellas... this isn't Home Depot, it's Murder Inc.


RELATED: Speaking of business as usual
-- JERUSALEM, Dec 29 (Reuters) -- Israel said on Saturday it had recently seized a truck carrying chemicals used to make explosives hidden in bags marked as European Union aid for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

The army said 6.5 tonnes of potassium nitrate were in bags marked as sugar from the European Union for Palestinians in the coastal enclave.

"We are looking into this report," said an EU official in Israel.

"If it is found to be accurate, this is an illegal act that should be condemned."


kursk said...

..at Taleban corp., when we say the axe is going to fall, and heads will roll..

We really mean it!

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... when we say the axe is going to fall..."

the talib vp of human resources shows up in your village... and hands your wives the severance package.