17 December 2007

Belleville's own answer...

To Howard Stern... CJBQ - 800am - The Lorne Brooker Show...

Poor ol' Lorne isn't having much luck stirring up public outrage over the unwillingness of doctors in the Quinte Healthcare area to perform abortions... so he's decided to go for a softer target...Brian Mulroney.

I thought I'd give Lorne a little feedback...


where do you get off passing public judgement on brian mulroney?

not that i'm gonna defend anyone taking bags of cash for dubious purposes... but doesn't brian mulroney at least deserve the same sort of judicial process and protections as pig farmer cum homicidal maniac willie picton?


neo conservative
The answer I received over the airways was something like, "He's not guilty of anything... he's just a horrible liar"... which mostly sounds like a possible libel defense.

You've just gotta love how Lorne winds it all up...
"He's guilty of being Brian Mulroney... which some people might consider a crime in itself."
Good grief.


UPDATE: Whew... that's a relief

Lorne has just announced on air that he isn't pleased with my pseudonymous communication (he's calling it a nasty email)... and by gawd, he wants names...
"It's not like I'm gonna send CSIS after him."
Geez, Lorne... you're the guy that chose to read the email out over the radio... it's not I was gonna send Luc Lavoie after you.


Alrighty... looks like we're back onto the deplorable lack of abortions in the Quinte Healthcare area.
LB: "What would happen if a woman came in and needed an "emergency abortion"?
Well, Lorne, call me crazy... but I'm pretty sure the answer isn't...
"A group of doctors would stand around and watch her die."

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Anonymous said...

Ha...he has no idea. I am anti-abortion. When I was having a miscarriage and hemhorraging the very good ob-gyn who is also anti-abortion gave me a dilatation and curretage to save my life.

Doctors know what to do in an emergency.
Talk show hosts should stick to knitting.

Neo Conservative said...

i keep my ear pretty close to the ground in hastings cty... and as far as i know, there has been no epidemic of dead women resulting from a dearth of willing abortion doctors.

in all fairness to mr brooker... as i mentioned over at the shotgun... his job isn't really to make sense... it's to make waves.

but he really should pick his shots.


finn said...

"...there has been no epidemic of dead women resulting from a dearth of willing abortion doctors."

The D&C described by "anonymous" is an example of a medically necessary procedure, in which the death of the fetus is unavoidable but unintended. Such a case is a polar-opposite to the majority of abortions, where the sole intention is the death of the fetus because the child is unwanted. It is a point too subtle for the rabid "choice" advocates to grasp.

How long, do you think, before a doctor's freedom of choice is subjugated to the "choice" movement's preferences?

Anonymous said...

Children's Aid Society of Belleville, needs babies for adoption racket and they run things down there so they terrorise doctors and prevent them from performing abortions. In the end there is more money made in selling baies than in performing abortions. It is called economy stupid!!!


Re Children's Aid Society of Belleville, Hastings County and T., (1987) 59 O.R. (2d) 204. (Ont. Prov. Ct.). The court held that an unborn child can be found to be in need of protection. The mother refused to obtain medical assistance and was neglecting herself and the health of the unborn child was found to be at risk. The wardship order was granted as well as an order under the local Mental Health Act for an assessment of the mother to be made by a physician. The judge in this case made no significant reference to case law in Ontario or other jurisdictions.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon whispers... needs babies for adoption racket and they run things down there so they terrorise doctors"

uh, yeah sure... and then the mothership comes out from behind the moon and shoots a death ray...

c'mon, you can't just stop taking your meds like that.


Anonymous said...

Talk show hosts are certifiably retarded. We have this lardass in Ottawa named Lowell Green who can't string together a coherent thought, and yet he has his own radio show.

Not to mention that he bitches about destroying the CBC, and yet his sister works for them. What a loving brother, and no small hypocrite, either.