12 November 2007

Nobody, except maybe Garth himself...

Ever said Garth Turnip was a genius... but really, Big G... "You just can't figure out what's goin' on here?"

-- OTTAWA -- Several MPs are concerned about a new security measures in Parliament, including the previously unarmed House of Commons security service being issued with batons and the possibility that they may one day carry sidearms.

The shift, including the presence of armed security constables in civilian clothing at all public entrances to buildings housing MPs within the parliamentary precinct, has been gradual under new Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.
It's true... I don't think any of those guys they arrested in Toronto last year, said anything about beheading Garth specifically.

Let's face it, though... any reasonable person who's ever heard him prattling on... has surely thought about locking him in a dark, damp basement for the rest of his life.
"I don't know what the threat is," said Mr. Turner. "I don't understand, as a guy who works in these buildings all day like you, why we need people to protect us with sticks and guns."
Is this guy for real?

Maybe if there is an incident on Parliament Hill... the smarter, faster members can use Garth as a shield.

It sure sounds like he's dense enough to stop bullets.

(h/t reader richard)


FLASHBACK: He's a smooth operator...
You remember that drunken voice inside your head that seductively whispered, "Sure it looks like a really long way... from the roof to the swimming pool... but you know can do it."

Well... that's Garth Turner.

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Anonymous said...

I guess since we let in all those international gangsters and terrorists now we have to protect the important people. (real conservative)