17 January 2017

Tuesday... Big Brass Balls Award

I'm not sure who clangs the loudest... "Vlad the Impaler" or "the Donald"...

Putin says... "Trump Didn’t Meet Russian Prostitutes, BUT THEY ARE THE BEST!"


Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Putin there are a few endearing facts IMHO:
1) He trives the degenerate left nuts, and I think he enjoys triggering them.
2) He detests degenerate globalists, hear he has a warrant out for Soros
3) He is a passionate Russian, loves his country and its people and they love him.
4) He is a crafty and wise statesman and is the best world leader around, Trump may be competition, we will see.

About the whole peegate scam, It's a given that every high profile leader is surveilled in a Russian hotel - I wonder what Putin will do with the video he took of the Homo-in-Chief and the first tranny as they cavorted in the pee soaked sheets of that Moscow hotel room?