11 January 2017

Because it pisses off...

...all the right people...aly-raismanAnd speaking of "the right people"...

Sworn Trump enemy John McCain admits HE handed smear dossier to FBI.

Sadly for the #NeverTrumpers... McCain foremost among them... the narrative is falling apart...

If NBC is right, they didn’t bring it to Trump — and even if they had, they were planning to use it as an example of garbage intelligence, presumably to try to show Trump why it’s important to trust U.S. government intel instead of his own “private” sources who’ve been telling him that Russia is innocent in the hackings.
Both Trump and the Russian government are dismissing the report in its entirety.


UPDATE: CNN just underbussed Buzzfeed


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My dick just put on a black cape and started whispering "I'm Batman."


Anonymous said...

The pervs loath any eye candy for normies

Neo Conservative said...

eye candy?

where is auguste rodin when you really, really need him?


Anonymous said...

When Liberal snowflakes whine "My dick gets so hard a cat can't scratch it"

I'm stealing that. :-)