15 January 2017

Lock Her Up!!!

No more Russian hacking smokescreen...

FBI agents wanted to aggressively pursue the Clinton Foundation investigation based on the recordings from informants and suspects in unrelated corruption cases, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Agents on the case also ran into roadblocks from DOJ and FBI higher-ups with Clinton connections when they tried to review emails on laptops obtained as part of a separate investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.
There's been a couple dozen layoffs at the Clinton foundation. Will Chelsea be losing her $900,000 per year job?


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Yep, you read that correctly. In all of US history only three people suspected of leaking sensitive information had been prosecuted under a 1917 law intended to punish spies. Since Obama took office, nine have.
Sounds a little like Justin and his 250 “lifetime” non-disclosure agreements imposed on soldiers and federal civil servants.
Trudeau’s promise of open and transparent government would also appear to be a fair distance removed from his recent rather astonishing statement that when he talks with foreign billionaires and wealthy Canadians at private, cash-for-access, $1,500-a-ticket, Liberal fundraisers, he champions the middle class.
Who's deplorable now?


Anonymous said...

So the Clinton foundation is laying off staffers.
I'm guessing they got nothing left to sell :<)

Anonymous said...

old whit guy says..........anon, they lost their suppliers.

Neo Conservative said...

i imagine they're looking for a way (they have all that moola) to put chelsea on the dem ticket for 2020. never say never.


Anonymous said...

Can't afford large staff and lawyers bills too.

Frances said...

Latest report is that the Clinton Global Initiative - part of the Clinton Foundation - is being totally shut down. Don't know if attached link will work. Got it from BCF, page 2. whttp://observer.com/2017/01/the-clinton-foundation-shuts-down-clinton-global-initiative/?utm_campaign=social+flow&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=socialork.