18 January 2017


Out of the mouths of millionaire trust fund celebrities...imbecile

In Dartmouth, N.S., Monday, Justin Trudeau said that because his maternal grandfather was born in Scotland, he understands the immigrant experience.

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...not Canadian, says Trudeau...
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused Tuesday to respond in English to several questions put to him in English in Sherbrooke, Que., telling the town hall meeting that because he was in Quebec he would speak French.

Ironically, one of the English questions put to Trudeau was about the availability of English-language mental health services.
He's only Prime Minister of French-speaking peoples?
The probe will focus on whether the Privy Council Office violated the Official Languages Act in its role of supporting the prime minister.
That's what you get when you elect Paris Hilton.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how PET's father in law's deep Anglo immigrant roots and his rise in Anglo-Canadian politics squared with PET's hatred of English culture and english Canada - he actually changed immigration laws to stop immigration from the UK.

The spawn is as tainted as the sire.

Anonymous said...

old white guy asks..........how did Canadians get so stupid that they elected someone even more stupid than they are? once in awhile one would expect that just maybe we would luck out and find we have an intelligent person who understands how things actually should work and kick socialism to the curb.

Neo Conservative said...

given his mother's long history of drug use and mental illness, it isn't surprising that justin is not the sharpest tool in the drawer.

his unacknowledged step-sister, whose mother is deborah coyne is obviously brighter than all the trudeau boys put together.