17 January 2017

Noted safecracker Willie Sutton...

...when asked why he robbed banks, replied... "Because that's where the money is"...

TORONTO - Police say they're looking for three suspects after a Toronto marijuana dispensary was robbed. A shot was fired during the robbery, and one of the employees was pistol-whipped and required hospital treatment. The suspects are described as black men -- two about six feet tall and the other five-foot-eight to five-foot-10 -- who were wearing black ski masks and black clothing.
Marijuana... the victimless crime.


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CHICAGO (CBS) — At least 39 people have been shot across Chicago over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend, leaving 10 dead.


Bill E said...

I dunno here Neo - I'm thinking the Liberals should apply the same safe storage requirements for dope as they do for firearms - and for the same stated justification - criminals are attracted to large quantities of dope in private facilities as they are firearms.

These dispensaries should be charged with unsafe storage

Neo Conservative said...

now that sounds like a letter to the editor.

perhaps your mp as well?