05 January 2017

On CNN, on Wednesday...

...Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway wished Manson a speedy recovery but acknowledged that losing him as a potential Court pick was a significant blow.

“We’re moving on, of course, but this is very disappointing,” she said. “There’s only one Charles Manson.”
Just some more of that heartwarming lefty "serial killer" humour.

I'm guessing the family of Sharon Tate is suitably impressed.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........not really something I would make fun of publically.

Neo Conservative said...

no safe spaces for conservatives... funny how that works.


Bill E said...

Speaking of venal leftard bias, why is it CNN has a top tier position on Canadian cable TV but FoxNews does not - I gotta pay for that?

Fox has 3 times the viewership of CNN and and 100% more integrity - we get the fake news channel free but real news (which is like sunlight to vampires for the left) we must pay extra for - in a way this is a microcosm of the whole dystopic lefty world where BS is free but truth you gotta pay for - dearly in most cases.

Neo Conservative said...

the political establishment, much like the media and colleges and universities has been inundated by the political left. it will be a long arduous process to reverse this trend.

fortunately, as the lunatic left drives the country further and further into ruin... people are stating to wake up... hence, donald trump.

cross your fingers and continue to speak up.