17 January 2017

That paranoid, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...

In late 2015, Vice-Adm. Norman went public with his concerns that Canadians had not been given accurate information about the growing price of planned new warships. He told CBC-TV in December, 2015, that it could cost $30-billion – twice as much as budgeted. His warning left open the possibility that Canada could have to buy fewer or less-capable ships unless Ottawa allocated more money for them.
Fresh on the heels of Justin's Liberals forcing lifetime non-disclosure agreements on 250 civil servants and soldiers.


Anonymous said...

Librano racketeers have to get in on the public trough - this is the established patter and I see no abatement of that LPC MO.

You just knew these scum bucket elites had learned their lesson after the public parked them in the opposition benches for almost a decade after they screwed us over with ciprogate, bad blood gate, peppergate, Shawinigate, adscam, 2 billion dollar failed gun registries and a host of other blatant trough guzzling patronage cons.

Instead of acknowledging that sleaze repulses voters and vowing to clean up, all they did was look for a rock star to get them back in power so the sleaze could continue at an accelerated pace.

Angry about this? That word does not begin to describe the enmity I have for this criminal cartel which is now ell on the way to economically destroying my nation with their energy racketeering and kleptonomics

Neo Conservative said...

preaching to the choir, bill.

see new post about justin and transparency.