20 January 2017

The End of Civilisation...

...as we know it...peoples cube

Headline story in our premier issue: I WAS FORCED TO SING AT TRUMPS INAUGURATION, the true story of a poor, but talented, single-mother, 1/16th Native American, trans-questioning, Chicago civil servant whom The TrumpHitler implacably forced to compromise her sterling liberal values to croon for The TrumpHitler's drooling delight while suffering the humiliation of the leering eyes of TrumpHitler's Deplorables Squads (with assistance by Russian hackers).
Arrrrgh... the yuge manatee!!!


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"In another secretly recorded video released by James O’Keefe, activists associated with DisruptJ20 are seen talking about 'throat punching' neo-Nazis if they get 'very loud with their views'."
The lunatic left in all their glory. See the Project Veritas videos here.


LAST WORD: Sick of Pravda North?
But what do I know? For a spectacular Interstate pile-up of conventional wisdom, do read Ann Coulter’s splendid column this week on Matthew Dowd, former Bush strategist and the Chumpy McArsepants in residence at ABC, who reliably got everything wrong, day in, day out, for the entire campaign season: If Dowd issued a severe winter storm warning, you could safely stroll down to town in your speedos. Yet there he is, apparently a permanent fixture on ABC’s “Powerhouse Roundtable”.
The spectacle continues.


Anonymous said...

owg says...........these jokers in the related article are freaking nuts, just bloody nuts. how insane does one have to be. I despised Obama but did not run around like a loon as these jerks are.

Anonymous said...

This crap mostly comes under criminal conspiracy or terrorism charges. Frankly, I'm getting sick about reading some nutter Jihadi or anarchist was "known to police" after they have hurt someone in their demented violent episode.

As Okeefe explained, when they took this info to the FBI, the police knew more about these commie terrorists than he did. There has to be some proactive police work where these groups are concerned. Terrorism, sedition, treason, criminal conspiracy have to mean something again - we need arrests and incarcerations with serious time involved.

The alternative is that when the people have had enough of going slack on these dangerous hate-America freaks they will mobilize vigilant - the second amendment covers defense against seditious acts, and 40 million armed Americans makes the largest militia on earth - It has to be widely understood in terrorist/anarchist/commie subversive groups that what they are doing will certainly end in jail or the morgue.

I'm hopeful Trump will act quickly on this Jihadi/Fscist street terror spree

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Terrorism, sedition, treason, criminal conspiracy have to mean something again"

obama also commuted bradley/chelsea manning's treason in his last week in office. no doubt whose side he's on.

i suspect that, from today onward, treason will be treated as the serious offense that it is.