11 January 2017

"Canadian gun control..."

"...just reached peak insanity. A firearm has just been arbitrarily deemed prohibited because it has the words “Molon Labe” and a Maple Leaf etched on it."
And while we're on firearms... meet the Hudson.


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Bill Elder said...

I think we saw the Canadian gun control regime turn the corner to open malevolence in High River. The last two volleys shot over the bow of the good ship firearms freedoms, were meant to provoke a response – the first unsupportable regulatory insanity was to ban (move to prohibited status) a .22 Ruger magazine which has been sold legally in Canada for over 30 years and owned by millions of Law abiding Canadians.

Now we have this ban on a legally sold and owned firearm purely because of its “cosmetics” which do not effect the function or lethality of the firearm to which its counterparts without said cosmetics are still lawful to own – there is no mechanical, scientific or constitutionally justifiable reason for this other than the RCMP are instituting a ban based in political opinion – perhaps the timorous purveyors of our police state oppression of civilian arms feel “threatened” by this classic expression of defiance to tyranny (Molon Labe was what the Greek defenders replied to the tyrannical hordes of Persia invading their nation when asked to surrender their arms) which the message on the gun stock sends. I wonder if you altered any other firearm by printing the same message on it, if they would ban that as well?

– in any eventuality this was done to “send a message” to gun owners that defiant attitudes will not be tolerated within the pious halls of police state civilian control systems. They tossed this grenade into the firearms owner’s bunker to see how you react – this is a political and a military tactic and it signals to Canadians who legally own firearms that they are held in contempt and viewed as enemies by the national police force administration.

So what are you going to do about it? They are counting on these grenades fragmenting the firearms owners resolve against open regulatory tyranny – they are counting on the pistol guy or the shotgun guy or the bench rest guy saying “I don’t own that military stuff so it doesn’t effect me, besides if I open my yap defending these guys it may repercuss on my transport and possession status because we know these guys are vindictive and seek retribution through regulatory abuse/oppression.” Divide and conquer, is countered by united we stand divided we fall – and they are sitting back waiting to see your reaction – will it divide? Can you summon the support and finances to counter this with court challenges? How about a series of such assaults?

In any event, this is being done to test your strength of numbers and resolve – the reason they would do that is because they are trying to determine if the time is right for a full frontal attack on your property and rights. This is what you get when you politicize the police function and make them accountable to a partisan politician.

Neo Conservative said...

make sure you sign the petition at the link.

write your mp & mpp.

that's apparently all we can do besides voting conservative.


Anonymous said...

owg says..........yep, I signed.

Neo Conservative said...

A 16-year-old boy is in serious but stable condition in hospital after a shooting inside a restaurant near Moss Park shortly after midnight.

Police say they are looking for a single suspect, who is reportedly 17 or 18 years old.

curiously, there is not a peep from the toronto branch of black lives matter.